The #MoreThanAStrand Global Beauty Campaign seeks to strengthen the bond between mothers, daughters, and young girls across the tri-continent of U.S., Caribbean and Africa footprints through hair care. With this campaign, Mielle Organics aims to empower mothers and young girls through survivor storytelling, education, entrepreneurship and economic development on a global scale.

Mielle will travel the globe to find compelling stories of known and unknown influencer survivors. Our hope is that these organic stories will interconnect and have an impact on other women struggling with similar issues. Survivor stories will include but are not limited to: class abuse, domestic violence, bullying, anxiety, depression, mental illness, cancer, covid-19, substance abuse, colorism and more!

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More Than A Strand will maximize the connections of unity between mothers and daughters and people of color across the Globe.

Mielle Organics’ global positioning campaign is the perfect opportunity to empower our mothers and daughters of color with the gifts of education, entrepreneurship, and the ability to lead economic development within their community.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic affecting millions of businesses across the world, Mielle Organics is taking action to support recovery efforts with the launch of the #MoreThanAStrand campaign with an up to $1 Million fund to invest in communities in North America, the Caribbean and Africa to help get Black women-owned beauty and barber shops back up and running, as well as investing in future of entrepreneurs wanting to open their own businesses by helping cover start-up costs, certifications, tools and other needs. Mielle Organics has also partnered with Rutgers University on a new NBH Professional Online Global Entrepreneurship Certificate Program which the company will commit to providing 60 full scholarships covering costs related to the program for women who apply. Courses include Setting Up a Business, Generating Revenue, Marketing and Financial Management, among many other courses to complete the curriculum.

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