Helping to rebuild Black businesses.

If you're a business affected by the recent riots in need of relief to rebuild, we want to hear from you!

“I pledge to use my platform to create change within and for my community. Our team here at Mielle is dedicated to pushing for freedom our community deserves. We have and will continue to use our platforms to provide resources to Black men and women across the US.”

Monique Rodriguez
Founder & CEO

Information Organizations

Community Initiatives & Resources

Our company's core values are tethered to the community - our community! We are working to provide a continuous flow of resources for our community to support the fight for change here on our home soil.

Community Organizations

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Pro Bono Legal Services

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Discover Petitions to Sign

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If you want to join the effort and help with rebuild our communities.

Protest Safety

Key things to know.

• Do not share photos with protestor faces

• Wear your mask for safety during protests

• Write an emergency contact number on your body

• Tell a friend who isn't going

• Plan your exit

Mielle Community Reinvestment Fund

Mielle Organics is looking to reinvest in urban communities damaged by recents riots across U.S. cities. Our team is a family grounded in faith and is committed to supporting our community's efforts to rebuild and heal from the effects of today’s pandemics.

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Has your business been affected by the recent riots?

If you're in need of relief to rebuild, we want to hear from you!

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Text to stay informed

Know your rights and have access to your resources when you text the numbers below.

Text “JUSTICE” to 668366

Text “FLOYD” to 55156

Text “RESIST” to 50409

Text “ENOUGH” to 55156

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